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The world you envision starts with who you are and how you show up. When you believe change is possible and commit to small, consistent adjustments, transformation becomes inevitable.


Elements of Expansion

It is my absolute joy to support clients in creating their dream lives. With my guidance, you will see yourself as already living the life you imagine. I will meet and reflect the best version of you while supporting you in releasing what no longer serves your vision.


Growth is neither linear nor is it limited to one area. I facilitate holistic transformation towards your highest self. This might involve relationships, career, health, finances, spirituality or other aspects of life. It could start in one domain then shift across multiple domains in a fluid motion over time. 


My mission is to dismiss "shoulds" and norms, showing that happiness and abundance in all areas is possible through each person's unique path.

  • Empowering others

  • Connection 

  • Long-term relationships

  • Breaking norms

  • Clear reflection

  • Freedom

  • Fun

  • Joy

  • Self-compassion

  • Embracing who and where you are

  • Carving a unique path

  • Teaching you to embrace and relish in all parts of yourself while letting go of self-judgment and embracing uniqueness

  • Bringing consciousness to the patterns, payoffs, and narratives that are no longer serving you

  • Supporting you in feeling your emotions while letting go of meaning

  • Building resonance with the life you want to live until you embody it

  • Identifying and internalizing boundaries to create a new structure that supports the reality you desire

  • Teaching you to meet the parts of yourself in fear/need with love and compassion

  • Meeting and reflecting back the best version of yourself and fiercely, lovingly championing you as you step into this version

  • Showing you how to create from a surrendered place

help you-01.png
  • Move from a place of struggle and scarcity to abundance and ease

  • Go from confusion to clarity, lit up with purpose, on fire, and inspired

  • Be in relationships full of struggle, force, conflict, and confusion and move to those of simplicity, appreciation, and joy

  • Achieve career & financial manifestations and attract dream romantic relationships

  • Go from self-sacrificing, lacking boundaries, and putting oneself last to being empowered and in their power 

  • Come in with big dreams not knowing how they will come together, yet surrendering to the way and experiencing results beyond their wildest dreams

  • Clear mirroring is powerful

  • That the way people see themselves is hugely important in their day to day actions and behavior

  • What feels insignificant at the moment, when committed to over time, can lead to monumental changes

  • You have so much goodness inside of you

  • When we come into full ownership of ourselves, a unique path will take shape that is beyond our wildest imaginings

  • That if you are open, ready, and committed, the sky’s the limit



I love to work with clients long-term and support them as they go through the process of transformation. Because this looks different for everyone, my approach is completely personalized to you and your individual journey. 


I ask for a six-month minimum commitment from new clients, however, many choose to work with me for much longer periods. I see the most powerful results with clients who commit to a long-term process of embodiment and relax into their continual deepening and unfolding.


Over a six-month period, you will receive 24 weekly 50-minute sessions, either in person or over zoom.

6 months (24 sessions): $1,500/mo 

3-session trial (for new clients): $1,200

the future you

Are you ready to embody the future version of yourself that already has all you seek? Book a free discovery session to find out how I can support you to get there.

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