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Are you feeling stuck, blocked, or simply ready for a shift? My thoughtfully designed courses and groups make personal transformation feel simple and attainable. Join me to unblock what holds you back, gain clarity, and manifest your new reality.

Construct-Busting Mini Course

what is it?

This is a mini course that helps individuals identify and debunk the beliefs that limit them. Through a video and workbook, we’ll explore constructs you’ve bought into, question their validity, envision a life without limits, and gain freedom to create a life true to yourself.

who is this for?

  • Powerful healers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who feel trapped by an industry or put in a box by society and desire to make their own rules.

  • Those who feel blocked around something they want to be, do, have, or create in the world.

  • Those who blame themselves for not experiencing the success they desire.

  • Those who know they have something big to share with the world but feel blocked around it, have plateaued, and/or don’t know how to move forward.

  • People who catch themselves saying “that’s just the way it is”....or if you want to “______ you need to_______."

  • Anyone desiring to walk a non-traditional path in one or more areas of life. 

what to expect:

This mini course will help you:

  1. Gain clarity around a construct you’ve bought into and how it has been limiting you.

  2. Learn new perspectives that free you from believing that this construct is the only option.

  3. Bring healing to whatever led you to buy into that construct to begin with, and what may keep holding you there.

  4. Gain new perspectives that free you from believing that this construct is the only one.

  5. Understand what is true for you in this area and what it would be like to start buying into that version of reality.

  6. Identify tangible next steps to move forward in alignment with your truth in this area.

  7. Gain freedom and take a massive leap in an area of your life where you previously felt stuck, frustrated, limited, or had given up on all together

**You will get a video and workbook that will take you through this process of self-discovery.

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