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Here’s what my clients have to say:

"She finds you and sets you free."


"It’s difficult for me to put into words what Deanna does. Is it a gift? A brilliantly keen insight? A profound understanding? Maybe it’s all those things and yet, there's something more - something intangible. You’re just talking with Deanna and somehow core wounds that have eluded you your entire life suddenly seem obvious, debilitating hangups slough off like a dead skin, energy sucking quagmires of self-doubt become silly diversions you no longer have time or interest in humoring. Maybe it’s magic. The way Deanna sees the highest version of you from the moment you meet - that seems like magic. The way she gently guides you along the path to embodying that higher self - that feels like magic. Then one day you realize you’ve never been happier, more confident, more full of love and you see it’s not magic at all. It’s just you. The you that was always there buried under all the bullshit. The you that you were always meant to be. That’s what Deanna does. She finds you and sets you free."


- Matt K. Turner


"Deanna is truly a miracle worker. Her magic is that she opens portals for you that you didn’t even know you were capable of. I came to Deanna in so much fear, struggle, scarcity, and smallness. In the last 6 months, I’ve moved into my dream home, booked out my 1:1 coaching program with a long waitlist, created a huge passive income stream, healed so much wounding around my mother, and have MAJORLY come out of struggle. My life is full of ease and flow now! Deanna taught me how to enjoy the present moment while connecting with a vision of my future. I’ve been able to step into possibilities for myself that prior to working with her I didn’t know I deserved. I know now : ) She’s a true embodiment of grace, love, compassion, and beauty. I feel her love so deeply and I’ve been able to borrow from her deep well of belief in me until it became my own. She’s my secret weapon, my dear friend, my guide, and my inspiration. I love you Deanna, thank you."

- Stevie Wright

Embodiment Coach and Business Owner


Deanna does not tell you what to do. She works with you to explore your truest self, to investigate what it is that you really want to be doing and what is holding you back. Though working with her, I have discovered that fear has been controlling a lot more of my life than I realized. I have slowly been replacing that fear with curiosity and kindness to myself which has led me to complete my first screenplay and open up the next phase of my life to new possibilities.


- Eddie Kaye Thomas


Britt Morgan

I've experienced the biggest quantum leaps of my life while working with Deanna. She embodies unconditional love and the divine feminine in the most beautiful way and creates the safest container for healing. Since working with her I have greater love and compassion for myself, more awareness of my own power and finally feel like who I really am. Miracles have occurred in my life since working with Deanna. She is not only masterful when it comes to energy and frequency but also embodies the depth and compassion to help me own my full humanity. It's almost impossible to describe what she does, she is a sorceress and a healer and just being in her presence calls forth my true self.  


- Brit Morgan


Dr. Erin Kinney .png

When I first started working with Deanna I felt as if I existed as a version of myself that was desperate to get through the things I needed to get through and move on to the next thing without any time to think about it. Mostly because when I did stop to think about things I was consumed with thoughts worrying that I wasn't enjoying my life and always had this underlying feeling that I wasn't good enough. Sometimes at the end of the day I would think, "what is the point?" and I would spiral into a place of anxiety, fear and resistance to whatever was going on in my life.  I have worked with therapists and coaches in the past to help with mild anxiety and depression and while working with them was helpful, my sessions with Deanna felt very different. She allowed me to lean into what I was feeling and get in touch with where those feelings came from and helped me learn that it was this very allowing of what I was feeling that was where the magic was going to happen. 


As I sit here and write this testimonial, I am floored with how far I have come in how I experience my life since working with her. She has helped me change my viewpoint and redirect my focus to understand that my emotions are a guide AND to give myself grace with whatever is coming up for me in my life. Through everything that has come my way in the past year, my life has continued to feel expansive and spacious and I look forward to every single moment of it! She has helped me cultivate space in all areas of my life to allow myself to feel joy and gratitude and to actually ENJOY my life. And the truly amazing part is watching how as I have changed, the world around me has changed. So many of my manifestations and desires have to come to fruition in the past year I have worked with her. She truly is a soul charmer and I am forever grateful!! 

- Dr. Erin Kinney

Kat Foster.png

I started working with Deanna because I felt stuck. When I tried to think about what I wanted, there was a fuzziness and a heaviness that my usual practices (therapy, meditation, envisioning, journaling, etc.) weren’t helping me shake. Two years later, Deanna has helped me find not only crystal clarity (many times over), but also a profound sense of lasting peace, joy, and equanimity. She has facilitated energetic shifts in me, which have catalyzed explosive expansion in every aspect of my life. With fierce gentleness and firm knowing, Deanna shows me how to know about and step into the full extent of my power. She masterfully holds space for me to embody my freest, most authentic self.  She lovingly insists on my greatness, while widening my vision of how great, in fact, my particular greatness is. She meets me where I am, as I am, and skillfully illuminates my path to success. She continually nurtures in me the kind of transformation my soul most deeply craves. She is an alchemist of the highest order.

- Kat Foster


Daniel Sharman.jpg

​​I’d heard great things of Deanna’s coaching and I came to her after hitting a plateau of my own life. I had done a lot of talk therapy to go into some of my patterns but was interested in learning how to build upward. Instead of just understanding I wanted to see what things were over the horizon. Deanna’s approach of radical self acceptance and internal kindness helped me immensely in a pretty tumultuous few months and allowed me to see the beauty and light in change. I’m very grateful to her for her sessions and feel that it aided me when I needed it most. I feel after 6 months I have a totally different relationship with adversity and my own self. There are often times when I’d be tempted to go go down an old rabbit hole of fear but remember our sessions and feel like I can change the context of my thoughts and therefore my feelings.

What more can a person ask for. She’s brill. End of.

- Daniel Sharman



I am a psychologist, and in my own quest for healing I have tried every form of therapy, spirituality, and self-help I could find. Even after undergoing 4-day-a-week psychoanalysis, I still felt trapped in the dramas I inherited from my family.  Deanna is the only person who cut to the core of what was holding me back and lovingly gave me the tools and inspiration to shed my old story. After only six months with her, I feel like I'm finally the person I have always wanted to be. She set me free.


- Dr. Sam Rader


Christopher Rivas.png

Working with Deanna has been far more rewarding, empowering, and enlightening than I ever could have imagined. Her ability to listen, guide, and allow is truly magical. She finds the root of a situation and makes it so that I can see it, address it, and let it go or resolve it. She is a guide to truth, honesty and clarity more than anything. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.

- Christopher Rivas


Robert Youngs.png

Deanna continues to help me come into the fullness of  loving all that I am as I am. Parts that could be improved - first I learn how to love them as they are and then they transform. My perception of how to achieve my goals has shifted deeply. What was once a force of will and effort is every day becoming more and more easeful, grounded, playful, flowing, and abundant.


- Robert Youngs


Annie Jefferson Elliott .png

Deanna has a deeply magical way of seeing the world and the people around her. As her client, she unwaveringly holds a vision of the most beautiful, powerful, free version of you until you are able to see it yourself. I would always leave sessions with Deanna with the deepest sense of self-love and incredible possibility for my life, and one day, after much dedication to our work, I was finally able to internalize that vision in between sessions and all the time, to the point where I became that person and I am that person today. Deanna holds you with deeply genuine compassion and firm love as you make your way toward this new self. Once you're there this work starts to go FAST. Anything is possible. The changes are seismic. Since working with Deanna, I'm pursuing a deeply aligned and long dreamed of career as a coach and leader in personal growth, my relationships are evolving into better versions of themselves, and I'm in the process of buying my dream house and building a supportive, empowering, like-minded community. Most of all, where I've never been able to before, I now see a truly joyful, purposeful and full life ahead, and trust that it's all for me as long as I'm willing to show up for it. I cherish this work.

- Annie Jefferson Elliott


Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 16.21.31.png

Before I started working with Deanna I felt lost and deeply in need of help. I had crippling depression, was locked in shame, and needed guidance. I had a hard time bringing this to friends and loved ones. But Deanna met me so sweetly and helped me finally see a vision for myself. She and I confronted some hard truths, but I felt motivated to change and inspired to heal. Deanna didn’t make me feel rushed in my process and she made me feel completely seen and accepted. I could bring her any issue and her coaching would have me leaving every session feeling like a million bucks. I went through some of the hardest months of my life with her coaching me. And I came out the other side a completely new man. My mood and energy have never been better. My work is easy and feels full of abundance. And I’m finally in control of my life. There are no words to describe the power of this process. If you give Deanna your trust you will be truly met, and your personal growth will be absolutely limitless. I will treasure this experience forever.

- Patrick Magrann-Wells

Personal Trainer 

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 5.41.36 PM.png

Working with Deanna is like having a brilliant 1/3 cheerleader 1/3 sounding board and 1/3 no BS holder of accountability.  She is the real deal. With a wealth of knowledge, practical tools, and tremendous empathy Deanna has helped me produce a life on purpose, and more importantly a life I love.  If you're interested in making big shifts in your life, feeling good, and leveling up, book Deanna... while you still can.


- Alexa Silvaggio

Wellness Entrepreneur

Ashley Moret.png

I knew I needed to hire Deanna as my coach because when I went into my first session with her I could feel her holding me so high and seeing me so deeply that my nervous system was flipping out. She was seeing the real me in all my power in a way that I had not yet seen for myself but deep down knew was there. Week after week we had our sessions and week after week my nervous system stretched and I was able to create more safety for myself to blossom and developed more clarity to see myself more clearly. She helped me let go of the stories I was telling myself that were keeping me stuck and small and pushed me out of my comfort zone and into my truth and power. It's incredible how much better I feel. I went from being in constant struggle to feeling so much ease, joy and flow in my life! I am in awe of who I have become.

- Ashley Moret

Intuitive Somatic Healer

Ellie Thomas.png

Working with Deanna has been a grounding, opening, and recalibrating experience. I was first drawn to work with her because I had moved through years of emotional processing and healing work yet still felt like there was so much more that I could be living, but I didn't know how to move myself toward my dreams and desires. From our first call, I loved the focused energy and clarity Deanna offered, as well as the poignant questions she asked, which immediately opened me to greater understanding of myself, my experience, my potential and desires. In our sessions I could feel her firm holding that allowed me to move through sticky areas of thought or feeling with greater ease and new perspectives.  A few weeks into our work, my focus shifted as my mom passed away, and my sessions with Deanna became a sacred space I looked forward to each week where I could reconnect to joy, desire, and possibility of life amidst the ups and downs of grief.  I will forever be grateful for the tears, laughter, and encouragement shared in those calls. With Deanna's guidance, I have found delight and confidence in exploring the energy I want to feel and hold, and watching how my relationships and my interactions with the world transform as I do so. Because of our work I know rapid shifts are possible and I know how to guide myself into them. I am reconnected to my body in ways that were hard to connect with when we first began, which allows me to feel into my growing capacity to allow more into my life, and I have deeper trust in its timing and unfolding. 

- Ellie Thomas

Transformational Coach & Facilitator

Raphie Aronowitz .jpeg

Deanna really gets in there with you. She listens, understands, and measures first; then comes real insight, tactics, and strategy. Her guidance is razor-sharp, actionable, and effective. Working with Deanna is like discovering your own, personal, real-life cheat code.

- Raphie Aronowitz

Marketing Professional


After many years of feeling stuck and frustrated with my career and relationships, I reached out to Deanna at the recommendation of a friend. Having worked with coaches before I had my reservations. Within 15 minutes of our first meeting I knew she was different. Her approach is direct and deep; she holds you accountable to your highest self with an incredible amount of honesty, integrity and most importantly, love. I felt truly seen, heard and held. By the end of our time together my life began to transform: I left my job, traveled abroad and fell in love. None of this would have happened with her guidance, support and love.

- Lauren Sussman

Amira Albonni .png

Working with Deanna is completely transformational. She gently guides you into the next level of your own personal expansion. The container she creates for her clients allows for the most authentic expression to come out of you. When I first began working with Deanna, I was carrying around a globe-sized amount of guilt, shame, and obligation towards so many things in my life. I didn't know what it felt like to have or uphold my boundaries. I knew Deanna's coaching was different when my level of self-awareness quickly began to skyrocket after we started working together. Suddenly, I was SO acutely aware of the stories and patterns that were playing on repeat and keeping me stuck. But instead of responding with my usual shame game, I slowly learned how to see myself perfectly and hold myself lovingly, without judgment- the same way that Deanna was doing for me. Before working with her, I had never actually met anyone in my life who so fully embodied and modeled the way I wanted to move throughout the world, and the way I wanted to hold myself and stand in my own power. Just the experience alone of being in Deanna's orbit and absorbing any amount of her grace and powerful energy is worth investing in. It's one thing to have a coach who can ask the right questions; it is an entirely different experience to see that way of being, embraced so fully in front of you. It is Deanna's personal depth and life journey, her willingness and even eagerness to go to those scary places with you, that make her such an impactful and phenomenal coach. I now have a spiritual and emotional foundation that I can lean on for the rest of my life, as well as tangible methods for moving through anxiety or self-criticism in the future- and you really can't put a price on that. 

- Amira Albonni

Personal Coach, Speaker & Podcast Host

Zoë Jarman.png

Prior to working with Deanna I found myself hitting the same walls over and over in how I felt about myself and how I felt in my work. Deanna has helped me shift these old beliefs and patterns in a deep way. She is incredibly gifted at seeing the new understanding that is present in me and ready to come forward and then guiding that process in its unfolding. Instead of instructing me on how to "be better" it always feels like she is guiding me in a radical departure from the perfectionism that can really hold me back and make me suffer. She shows me how to embrace exactly how I am, in a real embodied way -- which turns out is so powerful! From my work with her I feel more resourced and in touch with my own power, capacity and trust in myself. I have more tools to give myself what I need which time after time results in having life follow suit. My life now continues to open up into the ways in which I've been wanting to experience it for so long, and the same goes for my sense of self. I know my work with Deanna has been instrumental in that.

- Zoë Jarman

TV Writer/Actress

Amanda Sharp.jpg

The few successes I had experienced in my life had left a bad taste in my mouth. They were riddled with workaholism, aggression, drama, and lack of self-love. I needed guidance on how to accomplish my dreams in a healthy and functional way. Enter Deanna. Our first few sessions felt like I was radically re-wiring my brain as she helped me embrace the idea that being soft, open and receptive could and would be an equally powerful way to manifest my dreams. Deanna is deeply intuitive but also has a real lightness that sets her apart. She likes to laugh, she is extremely patient, and she withheld judgment while helping me identify some very persistent blockages that were holding me back. Within a year of working with her, I was able to complete a project that was 6 years in the making, get pregnant and deliver my second child, and buy my first home!


- Amanda Sharp


Alyssa Herrmann .png

Working with Deanna was the scariest decision that ended up being the greatest gift of my life. It was one of the biggest investments I’ve ever made and if I had to put a price tag on the lessons I learned, this investment was PRICELESS!  Deanna asked me the hard questions. She showed me my truth. She helped me heal in areas I didn’t even realize were holding me back. I’ve been able to heal my relationship with my Dad and we’ve never been closer. I learned to step into MY TRUTH, not my mom’s. I healed some built up trauma around my parents divorce from when I was 10 (I’m 34 now). Most importantly, Deanna held the most beautiful space for me to evolve into who I’ve been all along, layers removed and messy parts held with so much tenderness and compassion. I am forever transformed by our work together! Words can’t express the gratitude I have for our time together. This work with her is not done after the agreed timeframe… you will take with you lessons and tools you will use for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  Thank you Deanna for being a light in this world. Coexisting with you is an honor. I love you! 

- Alyssa Herrmann

Life Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Raymell Bentley.png

Before working with Deanna I had a lot of self-doubt, lacked confidence, and felt stagnant in my life. I was at a point where I knew there was more for me to receive and experience but wasn't sure how to get to where I wanted to go in life. Deanna taught me how to set boundaries, and stop over-giving and people-pleasing. Through our work together, I started to show up as my powerful self and embrace every part of me, honoring and respecting myself.  I have transformed mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I know how to tap into the feelings of how I want my life to be, and my business has shifted! I am truly grateful for our work together and recommend her to anyone who wants to expand in their life.

- Raymell Bentley

Empowerment Life Coach

Jennifer Neal.png

Deanna is a true gift. I was struggling with transitioning to a new career, body image, and self-doubt. I knew I needed support and guidance, because I was in a paralyzed state of fear. I was my own worst enemy- doubting every move I made. After my first couple sessions with Deanna, I started feeling ease, hope, and comfort. I started feeling as though I COULD meet my goals, and truly have everything I wanted in life. She asked me deep, meaningful questions which allowed me to reflect upon my situation. She helped me work towards my goals by allowing me to recognize my old patterns, connecting me to my vision, and getting back in alignment when I felt “off”.  In addition to all of this, the homework she gave me was extremely meaningful. I felt as thought I was growing, not only during our sessions together, but outside of our sessions, too. My life feels more joyful and hopeful after working with Deanna. She is a beautiful soul. She is a guiding light, and she will help anyone SHINE!

- Jennifer Neal

Wellness Coach

My entire life I struggled with social anxiety and a persistent fear of letting others down. I never knew the answer to the question "What do you want to do?". I was so focused on how I came across in the eyes of others that I never took time for myself or thought about what I really needed. Deanna showed me how to get in touch with and follow my own knowing and assert myself in situations I never would have before. With the confidence I've gained I've been able to create new connections with others, find deeper meaning in my existing relationships, and accelerate/grow my career. Working with her has completely transformed my life in ways I didn't think were possible.

- Cameron Gallivan, PhD

Data Engineer

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