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My transformative journey began in small-town Canada where my big dreams led me to pursue a career in acting. After moving to Vancouver, going to University, and marrying at a young age, I moved to Los Angeles six months pregnant with my son. It was a lonely time for me and a big adjustment but it led me to delve deeper into learning about myself. 


My growth continued as I worked as an actress, navigated the entertainment industry, separated and divorced when my son was just a toddler, and created a co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband. After splitting with my husband, I got into an addictive on-and-off relationship for the next seven-plus years. At the same time, I grew tired of struggling financially and decided it was time for a change so I quit acting and began a career in real estate.

These challenges are what compelled me to look even more deeply at myself, what I was creating in my life, and why. Throughout these times, I continually used the contrast of what I did not want to define what I did want. I was relentless in my seeking, learning how to change my story and break patterns. I learned how to let go of resistance and connect with the energy of source in order to facilitate and integrate these changes. 

I started to become willing to see myself clearly and act into the version of myself that was true rather than the version I had been living based upon my wounds.


I learned how to take concepts like self-forgiveness and letting go that I knew about intellectually and experience them viscerally. Once I was able to train my body to a new way of being, I was able to break the emotions and patterns that were running me and embody the change I wanted in my life.


My coaching journey evolved from my innate ability to see others' potential. Starting as a dating coach, I witnessed clients undergoing profound transformations in both their dating and personal lives. Recognizing the impact of long-term commitment, support, clear mirroring, and decisive choices, I fully embraced coaching after stabilizing my own life. 


Over the past eight years, my life has completely transformed with a fulfilling marriage, happy blended family, joyful friendships, supportive community and a fantastic relationship with my ex-husband. I have a thriving career fueled by passion and purpose and our family has grown as we welcomed a daughter. 


Grateful for every experience that shaped me, I've come to understand that there's no singular "right" path, and every calling and relationship contributes to our unique journey. By continually rewriting my story, I have manifested my dreams — and now, I want to help manifest yours.

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